Thursday, 2 August 2012

Matt Vs The Doctors: Part 1.5

Got my appointment with the Doctors tomorrow. Looking forward to it, to be honest. Be interesting to see how they came to the conclusion I suffer from Psychopathic Personality Disorder. It'll also be fun to hear them apologise again and again.

Anyway, prepared myself for the double-appointment by looking up the disorder. Won't lie - I was a bit shocked by the traits of this disorder I have...

Arrogant, deceitful, interpersonal style, dishonest, manipulative, grandiosity, glibness, defective emotional experience (that a Red Letter Day?), poor empathy, lack of responsibility, sensation seeking, impulsiveness (I'll give them that one), capable of violent acts with no feelings of guilt....

Reading all of that, I think I'd be happier if they just replaced 'psychopathic personality disorder', on my notes, with the word 'cunt'.

Anyway, hopefully they can either prove what they wrote or strike it from my records completely.

We'll see....

If I don't post again, I've been sectioned.

Or I'm standing behind you.