Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Guess who's back.

It's been a while since I've written anything. I'm sorry about that but I have excuse.... well, to be precise, I actually have two excuses.

1) I've been ultra busy with writing projects.

2) I forgot my password AND the name of the site I used to make my blogs up.

Anyway, back now - remembered the site I used and got my password resent to me - and I plan on adding to this blog once a week (at least). Obviously if I ever have anything REALLY interesting to say, I'll be posting more but.... it has to be really, really great to get a post here... after all, I already spend my days changing my Facebook status and updating my author page in the vague attempt of keeping you fine people interested and following my progress as I go from starving author to homeless.

So what have I been doing, I hear you ask? Well, I don't hear you ask. You probably don't even care either. My mum just thinks I'm keeping out of trouble when I'm quiet and, for that, she's normally grateful. Still, for the purpose of writing a blog... I'll tell you what's been happening in the shoddy land of Matt, The.

I've only gone and quit my day-job!

Book sales went stupid in February and I thought I'd finally cracked it. I also discovered.... stuff.... in the day job and thought, you know what - I'm better off without it and without having my nose rubbed in what I knew.... although, I won't lie, it's only matter of time before I take matters into my own hands and deal with what I've discovered in only the way a simpleton, like me, can...

Anyway, since quitting the day-job I have welcomed a new kind of stress into my life. That of 'financial worries'. Admittedly, in the real job, I was never earning loads and loads of money but the bills were, just about, being paid and I could normally afford to blow about £50 on myself in the month (which really isn't a lot!) now, though, things are tighter. I can only JUST cover my rent and house bills, I'm ignoring my debt (offering them reduced amounts each month which, sometimes, I can't even pay) and my food cupboards aren't quite as full as I'd like them to be. On the plus side, to the latter point, my kitchen always looks nice and clean.

Still, I'm enjoying life more. I'm not under pressure in a job I detest, having to tread on egg-shells around people and desperately trying not to make another silly mistake (which might as well have been the end of the world). I'm still managing to get my arse out of bed at a sensible time (around nine-ish) and I'm getting quite good at balancing writing all day with sitting on the sofa, scratching my nuts and watching porn. Hell, if I ever do have to get a real job again I'll be most concerned about my 'wanking routine'.

"Yes, I know I've just had my lunch but now is about the time I enjoy a wank.... please, it will only take a couple of minutes.... what do you mean, no? Oh, I see.... so it's okay for Joe Bloggs to go outside for a cigarette but not okay for me to go and tug one off....."

I actually finished working in April. In May, I had one of the best months - selling-wise - I've ever had and managed to finish five more books, taking my number of published works to over twenty. June slowed down financially but I was still getting a steady following on my author page (mattshawpublications) on Facebook and more and more people were passing the time there chatting with me. I even felt a little bit like a Rockstar with the private messages I was getting - thanking me for writing, how much they enjoyed my work etc etc.... I mean, who wouldn't want to see stuff like that?

The only other drawback (next to the financial stress) is the amount of people who think they're owed something for nothing, though. People get in touch - glad to have found a new author - asking for free books continually. Every post you make on various sites ends the same way - these people saying they haven't read any of your work yet and then asking for free stuff. I DO run free promotions via Amazon, I even offer free books on my author page with various little schemes I run, I offer free books when people leave reviews too.... so it can get a little tiresome when these few individuals feel it necessary to continue hassling you for freebies. Yes, I want people reading my work but - if I don't know you - I probably won't just pass my books over to you for free. If you're active with helping spread the word about my work, a fellow author looking to swap books, or even just a 'nice friend' chances are - you'll be offered free books off my own back anyway!

I've met a few nice ladies through social networking; ladies who have gone out and bought my books, or read them when they were on a freebie promotion, and have continued to support me - sometimes even chatting with me about things other than writing. You know, just being 'friendly'. They are often given free books because I tend to ask their opinion as to new pieces of work. They've enjoyed my other books, I value what they say - will they enjoy this new piece? Again, it's meeting people like this which is what makes this whole process so enjoyable. After all, sitting at a computer day in, day out.... it can get quite lonely from time to time.

But - this is my life now. This is the one I choose. This is what I want from it. Whereas before I've never really found any true peace and happiness - here, I think I have it. I can be as much of a Hermit as I choose to be, I have the love and support of a good woman and I'm finally doing something I've always dreamed of doing...

... just.... you know...

.... a little more money wouldn't go amiss....

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