Saturday, 14 July 2012

"YOU choose the story" - the idea behind my latest book

Well, I won't lie - it was a bitch to write but I've finally cracked it. A book where, at the end of each chapter, you choose the direction you want the story to go in for the characters living the story.

As always, with my books, it's told through the eyes of the main character - a damaged soul who wants revenge on his wife for leaving him. And he plans to take the revenge on her too - on Christmas Day no less.

The basic plot outline is the wife is taking the kids over to the husband's house on Christmas Day. They want to try and keep things as normal as possible for the children who are staying with their father for the night (so the wife can enjoy the company of her new man on the Boxing Day!)

What the wife doesn't realise is - the new man is dead. Wrapped in several parcels under the Christmas Tree, ready for her to open - another piece of him cooking in the oven for Christmas Dinner. She doesn't realise her husband wants her head for the top of the Christmas Tree either. If he really does go through with it - it'll be one Hell of a Christmas to remember....

But - can the husband really go through with it?

Well that depends on you, the reader.

There's numerous ways this story can evolve as you read it - your goal being to get to one of the two main endings.

There's the main HAPPY EVER AFTER ending where it works out for all concerned and there's the main REVENGE ending where it works out for the husband AND the children (after all, can't be hurting kiddies!!!) - the latter of the endings, not being so good for the wife.

But don't think it's an easy route. There are seventeen different endings (at last count) which could end the story prematurely. There's suicide, death, trauma for the children, an arrest, fires, murder.... Lots of ways to trip and stumble causing you to have to start again!

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I made it extremely hard for you to cheat on this book. See, at the end of the chapters, you simply click on the hyperlink relevant to your decision. There are no page numbers, there are no chapters. The stories are mixed and matched through out the book so, simply scrolling through the pages to get where you want.... yeah - good luck with that.

Anyway, I honestly hope you do enjoy it. I can't pretend it wasn't one of the biggest writing challenges I've ever had and it would be a shame for you to walk away thinking it no good! I mean, don't feel bad if that is how you feel though.... just, you know.... ignore me whilst I weep quietly in the corner of the room.

If you want to register your interest in this book "TWISTED TALE: BOOK ONE - A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER" simply pop by on my author page and leave a little note for me. I'll give you a reminder when it hits the shelf.... but, for now, it's back to testing the story threads and editing.

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